Bulletproof Shoulders

CrossFit can be pretty demanding on your shoulders and over the years we have had a few people develop niggles, including rotator cuff injuries and the like.

Modern lifestyle involves a lot of sitting at computers, slouching in chairs, driving etc. which leads to poor posture.  Add to this a whole load of pressing exercises at high intensity and sometimes your shoulders just don’t have the stability to deal with the demands.

A way to avoid this is to strengthen the muscles involved in stabilising the shoulders.  There are a bunch of different exercises you could try, but a routine we have found that helps loads has been put together by a CrossFit box in the US.

We’ve been programming the CrossFit New England (CFNE) Bulletproof Shoulders routine at the box over the last couple of months and are very pleased to see many of our athletes starting to use it on other days when it isn’t programmed.  This is our hope…..that you will learn this routine and start to use regularly as a Pre-WOD activation.

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