Describing CrossFit to your friends

By Coach Andrew

Okay, so it’s that time of year when all your friends and family are going to start thinking about how on earth they’re going to lose all that belly fat they’re going to acquire over the next week or so.

They are going to be looking around for a solution and naturally are likely to turn to you, as I suspect you’re one of the fittest of your circle of friends, being a CrossFitter.

You’re going to want to inspire them and see them join our amazing community. But I wonder if you’ve thought about how CrossFit comes across to those who haven’t been?

Here’s some helpful hints on how (and how not) to describe it to your friends:

Avoid: “We’ve just done this insane workout. You wouldn’t believe how hard it was…..I almost died !!!”
Instead: “One of the best things about CrossFit is that it can be scaled down to suit anyone’s abilities. It’s challenging, but at a level that is right for each person.”
Think about how far you’ve come and tell them how we looked after you in your early days.

Avoid: “CrossFit is Constantly Varied, Functional Movements, executed at High Intensity” (for the CrossFit geeks out there)
Instead: Each class you get a different type of workout, which keeps it really interesting. You only repeat the same workout every few months to check how much progress you’ve made.

Avoid: “You should have seen this badass athlete deadlifting 150kg in between muscle ups”
Instead: “We have a real cross section of different abilities at our gym, and everyone is made to feel really welcome.”

Avoid: “They had us upside down today, doing single arm handstands, in between forward rolls…….SCARY!!”
Instead, try: We get to try things we wouldn’t do normally, in a safe and progressive environment. All the movements can be scaled to individuals’ abilities.

Possibly avoid (depending on who you’re talking to): “The workouts are timed, so it’s like a competition, with everyone trying to do it quicker than the rest”
Instead, focus on: It’s an amazing supportive community, where people know their fellow members and cheer each other on when they’re struggling

Remember when you first started, and what you found intimidating. Also, take a moment to reflect on what you love now about doing CrossFit with the Avon community.
Imagine how great it would feel to be the catalyst for others life changing experiences too!!

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