We’ve Affiliated !!

Welcome to the brand new website.  We used to be “Fitness for Life”, but have just affiliated to CrossFit and have renamed.

You can still find all the old workouts, results and pictures at the old site: www.fitnessexpertbristol.co.uk

If you’ve never trained with us before, have a read of the pages above to see what we’re all about and get in touch to join us.

If you’re already training with us, then welcome to the new site and we hope you enjoy all the exciting things that will be happening in 2011.  We’ll be entering competitions with other CrossFit affiliates, as well as helping you to get in even greater shape with our new Paleo Challenge group.  At some point next year we are hoping to move into bigger premises, take on more trainers and offer an even wider range of classes (specific Gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting, Kickboxing and more Yoga classes are current ideas). Watch this space

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