Personal Training

  • Lose fat
  • Tone / Build Muscle
  • Enhance Energy Levels
  • Increase Aerobic Performance
  • Improve Posture, Balance and Flexibility

Have you been training for ages without achieving the results you want?

Or, are you new to training and need expert help?
At CrossFit Avon, our results speak for themselves.  Go to “Success Stories” to hear how our clients have burned fat and lost weight, whilst becoming stronger, fitter and happier.

By combining natural, healthy nutrition with effective, functional training, we will show you how to create the strongest, healthiest body of your life.

So, what would you get from training with CrossFit Avon?
Following the free initial consultation, where we will find out your exercise history, current health, goals, budget and available time, we will go away and write a detailed Training Programme, tailored to your needs. This will be a combination of Personal Training Sessions at our gym, Group Classes or Home Workouts, depending on your situation.

What will we do in a training session?
Workouts will be a mixture of Weight Training, Bodyweight exercises, Aerobic work (running, Boxercise, skipping, rowing), and Flexibility training.  During the training sessions we will also discuss your goals, how you feel you are doing so far, and use visualisation techniques to enhance your progress.

Where will we train?
At our training facility, the local park (we are strong advocates for training in the fresh air if the weather allows), or even at your work or home if that is more suitable (there is an additional charge for this normally).

What about diet etc.?
As well as the exercise coaching, we will teach you and support you through nutritional changes and other health factors, as well as learning some relaxation techniques to get the most from your rest time.

What will I need for training sessions?
You will need some comfortable sportswear / loose fitting clothes and some proper running trainers.  If home workouts are part of your Training Programme, we will source all necessary equipment for you, according to your goals and budget.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Cathie on
07795 361797, or e-mail us:

Personal Training can be provided for individuals or small groups of upto 3 people. We ask you to initially purchase 5 sessions, to give us a chance to really show you what we have to offer, and for you to show us that you are really committed to the training. We have a tiered pricing structure depending on how many of you there are:

5  sessions  @ £40.00 per session (1 person) = £200.00
5  sessions  @ £60.00 per session (2 people) = £300.00
5  sessions  @ £75.00 per session (3 people) = £375.00

All sessions must be completed within 8 weeks from the date of the first session (unless previously arranged, for example holidays, or in the event of long term illness).

Larger Groups:
If you are a sports team, employer, or just a large social group who wish to set up fitness classes or consultations, please contact us and we can discuss options.