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Your wedding day is one of the most important events of your life and of course you want to look your dazzling best. Whether your goal is to drop a dress size, tone arms or just gain a healthy glow for your big day, let CrossFit Avon help you by creating a bespoke training programme and nutrition plan to get you there. We have a team of personal trainers with years of experience and their aim will be to understand your personal goals and support you to not only achieve, but exceed them.

We believe CrossFit to be THE most effective training system available today for those looking to decrease body fat and increase fitness, so it’s the perfect tool to get you in shape for your wedding.

Putting together your Wedding Personal Training package:
• We can programme for any time scale; Whether a one year plan, 3 months or a 6 week super blitz
• We’ll put together a personal training programme designed to address your specific goals
• A take home exercise programme to complement the trainers sessions
• A bespoke diet plan with ongoing support and education
• A range of package prices depending on the time scale, frequency of your programme and whether it is an individual or
group training sessions. Please contact us for a personal quote, but prices start for as little as £16 per person per

Call Andrew, today, on 07970 493643, or email to book your free initial consultation.


Vicki Booth, nee Holman, Bristol:
When I started planning our wedding and thinking about what was important to me on the day I realised that it meant a lot to me that I looked and felt the best that I possibly could. Training with Andrew from Crossfit Avon helped me achieve these goals. Andrew is a wonderfully supportive and patient coach and I’ve never found the variety of exercise and sense of community that I have at crossfit anywhere else. It’s completely different to going to a gym. It’s so much more personal and you feel like the coaches really care about your goals and desires. The different workouts soon got me feeling more fit and confident than ever before. I can say that on my wedding day I was 100% happy with the way I looked, I hadn’t just lost weight, I was toned and contoured. After we got married, my husband and I moved to Australia and I decided to continue with crossfit out here. I’ve never once got bored of crossfit and it’s given me the fitness and body I’ve always wanted, not just for my wedding day, but continuing on in to my married life.

Samantha Mant, Bristol
I first encountered Crossfit Avon on February 13th 2011, at a friend’s party. At the time I was desperate as my cousins wedding loomed only a month away and I felt and looked like a beached whale. I spoke with Andrew that night, went to the induction session next day, and started working out with Andrew and Charlie three times a week. I also adopted a fairly strict version of the Paleo diet. By the end of 4 weeks, as Andrew promised, I was feeling and looking different enough to buy a new dress (a whole size smaller!) for the wedding. Moreover, I felt good about how I looked and received many compliments! It was enough to convince me to carry on and over the next few months I’ve gained strength, lost quite a bit of weight and have been toning up steadily. Not only results, but results with great fun too. I’ve been to loads of gyms and personal trainers over the years and none of them get close to be as much fun as Crossfit is, every time, despite the hard work! This autumn was very exciting as I became engaged myself and so now I’m working just as hard but with the firm intention and confidence knowing that I will be in tip top shape for my own wedding.

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