CrossFit is the fitness training system which is taking the world by storm. We are proud to be the first dedicated CrossFit gym in Bristol and have been building a strong CrossFit community since March 2010. We believe this is the best place to do CrossFit in Bristol.

We are proud to announce that our Head Coach Andrew, is one of the first certified CrossFit Trainers (Level 3) in the UK.

Have a watch of the following video one of our members made of our gym:

We also had a local girl, Tiegan, do work experience with in 2012 and make this video which shows some of our members training and saying why they train with us:

  • We use weightlifting, body weight movements and cardio exercises, combined in constantly varied workouts to keep you interested.  To find out more about CrossFit, go to our “What is CrossFit?” page.
  • Incredible results – our members are achieving great things….go to the Success Stories page to see for yourself
  • A range of different membership options to suit you – we rely on the results we deliver to keep people coming.

To find out more about our Beginners Classes, contact Cathie
Tel:  07795 361797
or email us: info@crossfitavon.com