FREE Programming for Pull Ups, HSPU, Press Ups & Dips and Strength Building.

Gymnastic Programmes

We know that many of our athletes are currently working towards the various gymnastic moves such as body weight pull ups, body weight dips and hand stand push ups. To help you on your way we have put together some FREE programming specifically designed to help you get your first body weight reps in these movements. Achieving the required number of body weight reps will mean you can then move on to the more advanced kipping movements. Each programme is split into several parts, each with a prerequisite and a specific goal. When choosing a part to start on please make sure you have achieved the relevant prerequisite:

It is best to download a copy of the relevant programming and print it so you can record your results but, we have also printed and laminated some copies which are in a folder on the office wall for you to use during your session. Please return the laminated copies to the office when you have finished. The electronic copies have several links to instructional videos which you should watch before completing the session.

Strength Building Programme

Alongside the gymnastic programmes we have put together a strength building programme for those looking to increase their numbers in the four main lifts; squat, dead lift, bench press and shoulder press. These four lifts are the foundation of many of the weighted movements in CrossFit and improving them will translate very effectively into improved WOD performance. We have based it on the highly effective Wendler 5-3-1 programme. The Wendler 5-3-1 Strength Building Programme spreadsheet allows you to enter your current 1 rep-max in each of the lifts which then generates a series of four strength building cycles, each consisting of four weeks. The programme is highly effective but only when followed conscientiously at the weights prescribed in the spreadsheet. There are laminated copies available in the office but you will have to work out all of the weights yourself!

Please speak to one of the coaches if you would like any further guidance or help with any of the programmes.

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