1st Annual CrossFit Avon Camp

What a great weekend !

The weather turned out lovely on Friday and Saturday. Shame we got rained off early on Sunday, but I reckon everyone will agree that it was a real success and will definitely be happening again next year.

The CrossFit Velocity crew made us (including the kids) really welcome and Matt kindly started our visit with a game of musical chairs (medball squats) for the kids.

We then split up into teams of 4/5 and competed in the following workouts:
Workout 1: Snatch Ladder (guys 30-40-50-60-70-80kg, girls 12.5, 17.5, 22.5, 27.5, 32.5, 37,5kg)
Workout 2: Team Fran
Workout 3: AMRAP 5 min: Max Double Unders (1 rope climb before next person starts double unders)
Workout 4: Pairs Deadlifts (2 on a bar) Max Reps in 60 secs (180/110kg)

We then headed back to the Gower, had a picnic lunch at the campsite, then headed down to the beach for swimming, kayaking and rounders. A lovely barbecue topped off the evening.

Please upload any photos you have of the visit to Velocity or the rest of the weekend to the Facebook page and we’ll send them onto Velocity too.

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