December Resolutions

santa smokingIt happens every year.  January comes around and you feel really motivated to get fit again.  You up your fitness regime, either joining a new gym or digging out your membership card for the gym that you’ve been too busy to make it to throughout December.  You set some strict rules on nutrition and have goals for your weight / waist loss.

The first 2 weeks the motivation is high and you get stuck in, only to find that you’re not where you left off at the start of December. You’ve got out of shape, you find it all hard and you feel heavy and slow.  But you keep pushing on.  By the end of January however, you’ve started to forget about the resolutions.  The hard work has been paying off and you’ve got fitter and lost a few inches.  But, if truth be told, you’re only now just getting back to where you were at the start of December.

Sound familiar?

I see this pattern every year, even in our CrossFit athletes who are pretty committed to their training, and think to myself “This is nuts!”.   This year, however, I’m giving you the opportunity to do it different……set some December Resolutions.

December brings Christmas parties at work, drinks and meals out with various different friends and family (and even with your CrossFit box), hectic schedules of shopping, getting kids to parties, watching their Xmas plays, putting up decorations and all kinds of other excuses why you’re too busy to get to the gym.  I get it…it’s a busy time of year.  But I’m not going to let you off so easy this year.

There’s always excuses, year round, that you could use.   But one of my favourite ways of explaining this thinking to my personal training clients is this “I know you’re busy….however, out there somewhere, someone who is busier than you is working harder than you in the gym right now.  The difference between you and them is they’re not letting the excuses take control.”  When you decide that you’re not going to let the excuses be in charge and keep something that is really important to you prioritized even when other important stuff is happening, some kind of magic happens.  You find a way to work it out and fit it all in.  You find the energy to do it.

Don’t you agree that it’s crazy to do what you’ve done for the last few/ten/thirty years and let yourself go backwards in December? (I like the definition of insanity that says it’s doing the same thing you’ve always done and expecting a different result).  Imagine if this year you reach January in better shape than you started December.  Imagine what you could achieve if you’re not spending the first few weeks catching up.

Here’s my tips for December Resolutions:

(i) Book your classes for December now.  Go through your diary and check your commitments/parties etc. and then plan your training around them.  Commit to be at the classes you’ve booked no matter what.  The other important stuff you need to do will still happen…… because you need to do it……. so you will find a way.

(ii) Set 1-2 small goals.  They could be to increase your strict pull ups from 1 to 3, set a new PB in your Back Squat or a rowing time.  Post them on facebook for all your fellow athletes and friends to see and hold you to.

(iii) Have fun and enjoy the Christmas period, but don’t let it be an excuse for letting go completely for a whole month (or even a whole week over Christmas).  Remember, you’re all CrossFit athletes.


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