Tuesday 18th January – WOD results

CrossFit Training in Bristol – Group Fitness Classes, using Olympic Weightlifting, Kettlebell Training, Gymnastics and Aerobic Exercises, combined in constantly varied workouts

Run 1km
Compare to: 25/11, 09/09, 10/08 or 15/06
AMRAP 15 min:
4 Handstand Push Ups
8 Deadlifts (100/75kg)
20 Sit Ups

Some PRs in the lunchtime class today, but people mentioned it was harder at night, because of the poor lighting in the park.  Hey, that’s CrossFit…..constantly varied!! Ha, no seriously, you’ll be able to compare your “good light” times soon as the daylight times get lighter and then you’ll have a “poor light” time for when it’s darker.

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